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Groupon helps you save moeny

Whenever I plan a vacation, I check Groupon to see what deals they offer. Because Groupon is known for offering incredible deals on local experiences, I check them first. I am always for saving money, so I never pass up a good bargain. The site is great for finding deals on vacation packages, hotel stays, restaurants, and much more! 

women in hidden figures walking

When I first heard about the story of the women behind Hidden Figures I knew I was going to see it. It's funny how I never learned about 30+ Black women that not only worked at NASA but were an integral part of the space program. Unfortunately, Hollywood does not always see the importance of telling our narratives.

While the movie recounts the lives of three remarkable Black women, it is also full of lessons that can be applied in daily living. These are the 5 gems I took away from Hidden Figures.

networking 101

I do not know if I heard it somewhere or made it up, but I truly believe you are only as exceptional as your network. A beneficial network will support you, cheer you on, buy what you are selling, give you advice, pass on referrals, and introduce you to the right people. Therefore, I make it a practice nurture my relationships and to continually build my network.

Over the years my networking skills have enhanced my life exponentially. Those times when I feel like I am a million miles away from where I want to be I reflect on what I have to be grateful for and one thing is my network.

As 2016 was ending, I realized I had not picked a motivational word for 2017, and I was not motivated to choose one, but as I slowly began to overcome my feelings of overwhelm I realized that I wanted to achieve greatness in 2017! Greatness for me means doing my best, not procrastinating, and not holding myself back.

There have been several projects that I have been putting off that are cluttering my mind, taking up mental space, and therefore, holding me back from greatness! I'm listing my 2017 projects below.

cropped natural hair featuring lisa a la mode
Blogger, Lisa a la Mode

Beauty lovers can collectively rejoice as the start of a new year means the return of all the great makeup, beauty, and natural hair shows across the country! Thankfully, I live in one of the beauty capitals of the country, Los Angeles so I can look forward to events that span the year from January to December. Below are eight of my favorite events coming to Los Angeles in 2017.

To say the last few years have been a rollercoaster is an understatement. They have been marked by an unexpected move, the suicide of a cousin, the death of my grandmother, the loss of a beloved pet, a failed venture into direct sales, and financial hiccups to name just a few. With all of this happening in a short period of time it felt like the wheels in my brain came to a halt.

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