5 Life Lessons Learned From Hidden Figures

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When I first heard about the story of the women behind Hidden Figures I knew I was going to see it. It's funny how I never learned about 30+ Black women that not only worked at NASA but were an integral part of the space program. Unfortunately, Hollywood does not always see the importance of telling our narratives.

While the movie recounts the lives of three remarkable Black women, it is also full of lessons that can be applied in daily living. These are the 5 gems I took away from Hidden Figures.

Real friends have each other's back

The women supported each other through thick and thin. Whether it was carpooling on a long drive to work, cheering their friend on when she meets a new love interest, encouraging each other to continue striving for more, or waiting outside for two hours when one of them gets off work late. They demonstrated friendship and Black girl magic at its finest.

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Mary, Katherine, and Dorothy, the women of Hidden Figures

We all rise together

When Dorothy Vaughn (played by Octavia Spencer) realized that IBM computers would soon take the jobs of her and her co-workers she made sure they were trained on how to work the new equipment. When she was promoted, she refused to leave her current position without her team coming along with her. 

It's sad, but you rarely see that type of loyalty today. Back then Black people realized that if one person got ahead, then they all did. Therefore, they looked out for each other.

A supportive partner has your back

In one scene Mary Jackson (played by Janelle Monae) realized that to be promoted she needed to become an engineer. At one point, it didn't seem like her husband was going to support her but he turned around by the end. He showed his love by purchasing her fancy new technology for the time, a set of mechanical pencils, and he took care of the children while she was in school. It was nice seeing a husband support his wife on the road to greatness.

A real man knows what he wants

Jim Johnson (played by Mahershala Ali) came to town, and it was not too long before Katherine Goble (played by Taraji P. Henson) caught his eye. Despite their initial friction they soon started dating. He knew what he wanted, so he was not easy deterred. Soon enough we see him proposing with the blessing of Katherine's three young girls and her mother. They are still married today 56 years later.

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Segregation was not too long ago

While we as Black people in America have come a long way, the movie reminds you that the first laws stopping segregation only ended in 1954. While the Federal Government outlawed segregation in schools with the ruling in Brown v. the Board of Education, several states refused to comply, and Virginia, where the movie takes place, is one of them.

In one scene we see Katherine running half a mile across the NASA grounds to use "her" restroom because there were no colored restrooms in her area. In another scene we see Mary petitioning the court to attend the engineering classes she needed at a local all-white high school. While he granted her request, he only allowed her to go to night classes.

By reliving what these women went through you are reminded of the struggles of Black people in America. How we had to fight to prove our worth which still continues to this day.

If you have not seen Hidden Figures, I encourage you to do so. You will leave the film inspired and uplifted.

Did you enjoy Hidden Figures as much as I did?

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