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Last year was a hard year after the closing of my first direct sales company, Lia Sophia. I had grown to love the jewelry so it was devastating when they with little more than a month's notice decided to end their direct sales division after 30 years. It took a few months but I soon discovered another company that I wanted to join.

I decided to stick with jewelry because fashion is one of my passions and jewelry is fun! I discovered Chloe + Isabel through a direct sales Facebook group. What caught my eye was the amazing vintage design of some of their pieces. I have fond memories of frequenting the 1928 jewelry counter at Broadway (now Macy's) and the pieces reminded me of that. I was soon to discover what makes Chloe + Isabel unique.

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Tanisha Lyons-Porter of Natural Born Organizers

Tanisha and I met through LA Curly Curls, a local natural hair group in Los Angeles. She was the first one I asked to interview as a part of my Naturals in Business series after I learned about her professional organizing business. 

How long have you been natural? 

I have been natural in the sense of wearing my natural curls since 2011...but I haven't had a relaxer for much longer since about 2007.

deep condition natural hair

*This product was given to me for review but the opinions are my own

One of my passions is healthy hair, that's why I originally started this blog. I am often asked questions about hair such as why is my hair so dry? When I hear this my first question for them is how often do they deep condition. Most times I'm met with a blank stare...

Hair takes regular abuse from daily styling, heat tools, chemicals, and sun exposure. Regularly deep conditioning your hair not only prevents damage but strengthens the hair. It is a great preventative measure to maintain healthy hair.

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