naturals in business interview
Jennifer Kennedy of Teach Good Stuff

Jennifer and I met through a local women's entrepreneurial Meetup group and once we connected on Facebook we realized we were connected through several other groups and knew some of the same people. It really is a small world. Jennifer is a natural entrepreneur that is working to take her passion for teaching to the next level. She recently quit her job to pursue her passion full-time.

Life in 2015 is no joke! It's more complicated and busy than every before, and it feels as if there is always something to do be done. I was taught that to do lists are the perfect way to keep track of what needs to be accomplished on a daily basis. I even used to work for productivity giant, Franklin Covey. As part of my employment I was sent to one of their time management seminars. I loved the program so much that I stayed a yearly Franklin Covey planner customer for years.

As I transitioned into married life, and from my twenties to my thirties I found it less and less enjoyable to keep up with what needed to be done. It felt like a burden to daily makes lists, mark them in order of importance, and to constantly move items to the next day that were not completed.

natural hair interview

I'm bringing back my interview series but this time I'm concentrating on natural haired women business owners. Be inspired as these women tell us how they rock their natural hair while running things in business!

My first interviewee, Cherish Richardson is a curlfriend I met through LA Curly Girls. She is a total sweetheart and makes wonderful, beautiful smelling lotions under her brand Cherish Me Beautiful. Enjoy her natural hair journey!

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