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Last year was a hard year after the closing of my first direct sales company, Lia Sophia. I had grown to love the jewelry so it was devastating when they with little more than a month's notice decided to end their direct sales division after 30 years. It took a few months but I soon discovered another company that I wanted to join.

I decided to stick with jewelry because fashion is one of my passions and jewelry is fun! I discovered Chloe + Isabel through a direct sales Facebook group. What caught my eye was the amazing vintage design of some of their pieces. I have fond memories of frequenting the 1928 jewelry counter at Broadway (now Macy's) and the pieces reminded me of that. I was soon to discover what makes Chloe + Isabel unique.

Their jewelry is designed based on what they call the "friendship philosophy," which is based on two imaginary friends, Chloe and Isabel. Chloe likes bold, colorful statement pieces that draw attention, whereas Isabel's style is more reminiscent of a Jackie O, as she likes elegant, classic clean lines. Of course, women are prone to change their minds and tastes frequently so someone can always be a combination of both, aka a Chloebel. I like that their jewelry is designed with many different women in mind.

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A couple of other things about the company that drew my attention were that the owner, Chantel Waterbury has an extensive background in direct sales and retail working for companies like Cutco knives, Gap, and Kenneth Cole. Ashton Kutcher is an investor in the company, and he is known for being a smart investor so obviously he saw something special in Chloe + Isabel. The jewelry is designed in NYC, the fashion empire of the US. The company is not a traditional multi-level marketing company. They want the company to grow with people who are truly invested therefore each merchandiser must apply and are interviewed before being accepted.

Their jewelry is affordable with 50% of the catalog being under $50 and they offer excellent customer service. The jewelry comes with a lifetime guarantee, shipping is only $5.95 or free if over $100, and returns are free. My last hostess returned an item that now appears to be lost in shipping and once they were alerted of the problem they immediately sent out a replacement. For those with sensitive skin the jewelry is nickel free and lead safe.

It's been seven months now and I am happy with my choice. The community of merchandisers is amazing and I look forward to growing with this relatively new direct sales company. Sales has its ups and downs but it definitely makes a difference with who you partner with.

Chloe + Isabel just released their fall 2015 collection, A Nordic Tale inspired by the breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders of Scandinavia. Below are a few of my favorite pieces that I will be adding to my growing jewelry collection.

fall chloe and isabel jewelry collection

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