Dear Me: Advice to My Younger Self (Link-Up)

Your teens and early twenties are happy, confusing, exciting, and exhilarating all at the same time as you learn about life, yourself, and others. Those years are full of extremes - one day is the best day of your life and the next is the worst. You are definitely on a emotional rollercoaster.

Once you have exited the bloom of youth you often look back only to wish you knew then what you know now. You truly begin to appreciate the saying, "youth is wasted on the young" because while the advantage of youth is vitality you are missing the wisdom to use your vitality wisely. 

High school prom

I recently ran across the #DearMe project on YouTube and I began to ponder what advice would I give to my younger self? What would I do differently?

  • You do not need a perm - your hair is beautiful as is, just the way God intended. Big hair will come back in style and one day you will be the object of others curl envy.

  • Spend time learning about you - it is important to learn about yourself before you embark on a life with someone else.

  • Money is to be saved, not just spent - life will less complicated if you stick to using cash and avoid credit cards. If you really want something save up for it. The more you save the more freedom you will have in the future.

  • Become self-employed sooner than later - you are a better entreprenuer than an employee. You enjoy making your own way much more than working for someone else.

  • Travel as much as possible - see as much of the world as you can before life gets complicated.
This was such a fun idea that I asked other bloggers to join in on the fun. Below is a link-up with other bloggers sharing their advice to their younger selves. Be sure to show them some love!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

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  1. What a great idea! I can think of so many things I would say to my younger self starting with, listen to Mom and Daddy, they have your best interests at heart. No, they're not really morons! Lol


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