Your teens and early twenties are happy, confusing, exciting, and exhilarating all at the same time as you learn about life, yourself, and others. Those years are full of extremes - one day is the best day of your life and the next is the worst. You are definitely on a emotional rollercoaster.

Once you have exited the bloom of youth you often look back only to wish you knew then what you know now. You truly begin to appreciate the saying, "youth is wasted on the young" because while the advantage of youth is vitality you are missing the wisdom to use your vitality wisely. 

Your first question may be what is a lifestyle blogger? Well, where as a beauty or fashion blogger will typically cover only the topics in their niche, a lifestyle blogger will usually cover a range of topics that pertain to their personal lifestyle. For instance, I started out only writing about natural hair and now that I have transitioned into lifestyle I cover a variety of topics from my point of view.

protective style

My routine every summer is to get braids. Even when I was relaxed summertime was the time to give my hair a rest and to make dealing with summer humidity bearable. I'm all about that no fuss life. 

Well, I totally skipped last summer and at this point I'm tired of my hair! I'm not going to cut it but I can't say I have not been tempted a few times. I just need a vacation from my hair so I've decided to embark on a protective style challenge with my blogger friend, Becc over at Becc Smith

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