Angela and her beautiful curls

I had the pleasure of meeting Angela aka Ms. Beautiful Curls at an Eclark meetup. We were both lost and connected over curly hair. She has absolutely gorgeous hair so I knew I had to interview her about her natural hair journey.

How long have you been natural?

I've been natural my entire life but I didn't take great care of my hair until approximately April of 2011. I had three perms during my childhood and straightened my hair many times throughout high school and undergrad years. Although I stopped straightening my hair in 2006, I dyed my hair like crazy until April 2011

What made you decide to go natural?

My hair was so damaged from the multiple hair dyes and it broke off like crazy, and just never grew. My hair was very dull and flat; it lacked personality and I was starting to hate it!

It seems that once I hit 30 every man wanted to "yes, ma'am" me and I hate it! I could be going about my day feeling good and then some young store clerk utters the words "thank you, ma'am." I'm like what's the deal?! Am I officially over the hill.

Ma'am originated in the 1600s as a shortened version of madame which was used to address the queen or a royal princess as a title of respect. Now fast forward to 2014 and I'm a blogger, not royalty so there is no need to address me as such.

Google let me know that I'm not alone in hating being addressed as ma'am. According to a post on Yahoo Voices 85% of the women the writer surveyed prefered to be called miss as opposed to ma'am. From ages 19 to 81 the majority shared in the disdain for being called ma'am. They felt the term implies that a woman is old, no longer desirable. As blogger Kristin Brakeman wrote it feels like one day you're young and turning heads and then suddenly you're an old lady.

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