In a blog post in October I mentioned my blossoming jewelry business as an advisor with Lia Sophia jewelry. At that time I didn't realize how short that blossom would be or how my stint in direct sales would quickly go from good to bad.

I was introduced to Lia Sophia jewelry through a networking friend. She had been with the company for six years and she seemed to genuinely enjoy every minute. I also did my own research. I Googled and I Googled some more and I couldn't find any red flags. I liked the fact that the company had been in business over 25 years, that it was family owned, and that they produced a quality product with a lifetime guarantee. I've always loved fashion and jewelry so I figured what the heck! Plus what girl doesn't want to get paid to play with jewelry?! I didn't get voted best dressed in elementary school for nothing. ;)

I feel like I've been all over the place with my blog posts as I work to find my blogging voice. While I want to explore topics outside of natural hair I do not want to forget where I started. With that said, in the new year my goal is to publish at least two blog posts a week, and one of the two will be dedicated to all things natural hair. Let's get started!

If you search "wash n' go natural hair" on YouTube you will be presented with over 100,00 search results. The thought of being able to wake up, put product in your hair, and walk out the door is many a natural's dream. Women want to look good but we also want it to be as effortless as possible. 

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