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Mary J Blige
The London Sessions in stores Dec 2nd

I have been riding with the Mary J Blige, the Queen of Hip Hop and R&B, ever since her first album, What's the 411? so I was more than excited to receive a sneak peak of her latest release, The London Sessions.

Mary J Blige's sound is constantly evolving. She is always willing to test boundaries and give her fans something different with each new release. The London Sessions is an example of this constant evolvement. It was recorded solely in London and she collaborated with some of the UK's most celebrated talents including - Discloure, Eg White, Sam Smith, and Naughty Boy. The album was recorded with a global perspective in mind therefore it will appeal to a wide audience.

london sessions collage

Music lovers usually fall into two categories - those that favor beats and those that favor lyrics. I happen to be a fan of a good beat, as I'm a party girl at heart so songs with a good beat always suck me in.

The highlights for me of The London Sessions are #5 Right Now, #6 My Loving, #7 Long Hard Look, #8 Whole Damn Year, #9 Nobody But You, and #10 Pick Me Up. All of my favorites have unique sounds that make me want to dance or bob my head.

Overall, The London Sessions gives Mary J Blige an opportunity to showcase a new sound and to gain new fans. I personally favor the bass heavy, hip hop and R&B Mary but any true artist wants to show progression and this CD does just that.

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  1. I am in LOVE with Mary's new album. I am really feeling her new sound. My favorite songs are Doubt, Therapy, and Long Hard Look. Great post!

    1. For the Love of CurlsJanuary 12, 2015 at 11:01 AM

      Thanks for stopping by! Mary's sound has definitely evolved over the years.


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