Original Jem and the Holograms
Cast of Jem & the Holograms movie

I don't get upset over much that happens in Hollywood when it comes to casting. I accept the fact that they cast people that look like them. Their whole goal is to make money so if Sandra Bullock sells more tickets them Angela Bassett then she will get more roles. Simple as that. But when a Facebook friend posted a picture of the cast of the new Jem & the Holograms movie I was done!

First, let me give my politically correct statement. It is nice that these young ladies are working actresses and I'm not saying that they don't deserve the roles but I do fault the casting directors for their poor casting choices. They obviously were not trying to be true to the cartoon because they couldn't have made the cast any more racially ambiguous. I assume they confused their casting of Jem and the Holograms with casting for a Disney movie.

Tasha B of I Rock My Natural

How long have you been natural? 

I have been totally and completely natural for 2 years.

What made you decide to go natural?

I hadn't used the creamy crack 10 years prior to me going totally natural but I had destroyed my curl pattern by constantly dying and flat ironing my hair. I missed my curls and was tired of doing so much to make my hair straight only for it to look limp and lifeless so that was it, I went natural and I stopped using dyes and heat.

I am so happy I found a great community of bloggers in the Los Angeles area to network with because at times it feels like all the cool events happen in either the South or on the East Coast. Networking with your peers is a great way to keep motivated, exchange ideas, and to get tips on how to improve your blogging life. 

One thing I did not realize about LA bloggers is how much they like to brunch! I spent Saturday brunching with the beautiful ladies of Bloggers Like Me and Sunday with the diversified women of the SoCal Bloggers Society.

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