In a blog post in October I mentioned my blossoming jewelry business as an advisor with Lia Sophia jewelry. At that time I didn't realize how short that blossom would be or how my stint in direct sales would quickly go from good to bad.

I was introduced to Lia Sophia jewelry through a networking friend. She had been with the company for six years and she seemed to genuinely enjoy every minute. I also did my own research. I Googled and I Googled some more and I couldn't find any red flags. I liked the fact that the company had been in business over 25 years, that it was family owned, and that they produced a quality product with a lifetime guarantee. I've always loved fashion and jewelry so I figured what the heck! Plus what girl doesn't want to get paid to play with jewelry?! I didn't get voted best dressed in elementary school for nothing. ;)

I feel like I've been all over the place with my blog posts as I work to find my blogging voice. While I want to explore topics outside of natural hair I do not want to forget where I started. With that said, in the new year my goal is to publish at least two blog posts a week, and one of the two will be dedicated to all things natural hair. Let's get started!

If you search "wash n' go natural hair" on YouTube you will be presented with over 100,00 search results. The thought of being able to wake up, put product in your hair, and walk out the door is many a natural's dream. Women want to look good but we also want it to be as effortless as possible. 

Mary J Blige
The London Sessions in stores Dec 2nd

I have been riding with the Mary J Blige, the Queen of Hip Hop and R&B, ever since her first album, What's the 411? so I was more than excited to receive a sneak peak of her latest release, The London Sessions.

Mary J Blige's sound is constantly evolving. She is always willing to test boundaries and give her fans something different with each new release. The London Sessions is an example of this constant evolvement. It was recorded solely in London and she collaborated with some of the UK's most celebrated talents including - Discloure, Eg White, Sam Smith, and Naughty Boy. The album was recorded with a global perspective in mind therefore it will appeal to a wide audience.

My Victoria's Secret sports bra and pants

Let me just put it out there, I hate bra shopping! I hate that bras are organized by brand instead of by size, I hate the trouble of trying on bras, and I hate spending a minimum of $60 for a good bra. I won't even get started on the troubles of finding a good sports bra...

With my distaste for bra shopping I was pleasantly surprised when I received a Victoria's Secret sports bra and pants to and review from Influenster. Influenster is a community of consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences. If selected for a campaign Influenster will send you products to try out and review. This month I was privileged to be sent the VS Sports bra and Sport bottom.

blogging basics

I've been totally off my blogging game this year. In an effort to find my mojo I've attended blogging conferences, brunches, lunches, workshops, and I'm a member of several blogging groups in-person and on Facebook but I have yet to keep blogging consistently. 

I enjoy blogging so my real problem is that I suffer from chronic time-waster syndrome; if there is time to waste I will find it. Instead of spending time blogging I will surf the web, check social media, talk on the phone, watch tv; I will do anything that entertains me aka wastes time. Well, starting this month that is going to change! 

Makeup is a women's secret weapon. It's amazing how quickly and easily lipstick, blush, and mascara will take a face from drab to fab but unfortunately it's not always simple to remove. Because no woman wants their makeup melting away halfway through an 8 hour day, makeup companies offer waterproof options but they also tend to be removal proof. As I stated in my previous post, I'm transitioning to natural body products so I'm exploring natural makeup removers. I've experimented with various oils and coconut oil works best for me but recently I have discovered something that works even better!

One of the best things about blogging is meeting and networking with other bloggers because from my experience bloggers are a friendly, helpful bunch so it was at a blogger brunch that I met lifestyle blogger Elisabeth Hosmer of Headbands and Bagels. As we were chatting she told me that she had completed a 30 day shoe challenge which sounded like a ton of fun so I was inspired to try a challenge of my own.

I had the pleasure of being gifted two great products by Beverly Hills, celebrity hair stylist, Nelson Chan. I was able to try the Argan Oil 7 5 in 1 Moisture Healing Shampoo and the Argan Oil 7 Moisture Healing Mask.

Nelson J Beverly Hills
Moisture Healing Shampoo

The Argan Oil 5 in 1 Moisture Healing Shampoo boasts that it is the first-ever argan oil based shampoo than cleanses without stripping the hair of moisture, color, or inflicting further damage. The 6.7 oz bottle comes in 3 scents - coconut, rosemary, and pomegranate and retails for $16. I like the fact that the shampoo is sulfate and paraben free, has a nice, pleasant scent (I tried pomegranate), and that you do not need a lot of product to cleanse your hair. The product delivers when it says that it cleanses without stripping your hair of moisture. 

As I Am
As I Am Coconut CoWash

When I first learned about cowashing I followed the trend of using regular conditioner to wash my hair, and boy was I sorry. I soon discovered my sensitive scalp was not having it! My scalp was itching so bad that I could not wait to rewash my hair, this time with shampoo. Thankfully, since then companies have jumped on the cowashing bandwagon and have come out with cleansing conditioners.
instagram challenge

Sunday, June 1st started my No Repeat Clothing Challenge on Instagram. The no repeat means that for 30 days I will not repeat the same outfit in the month of June (accessories, outer wear, and shoes are not apart of the challenge). Because statistics show that no matter how many clothes you have that you tend to wear the same items, this is will give me a chance to see what's REALLY in my closet and to breathe life into some items that haven't seen the light of day for a while... Also, I will be challenged to come up with some new looks. I tend to gravitate towards dresses because they're so easy to throw on but in June I'll be wearing more skirts and pants.
Original Jem and the Holograms
Cast of Jem & the Holograms movie

I don't get upset over much that happens in Hollywood when it comes to casting. I accept the fact that they cast people that look like them. Their whole goal is to make money so if Sandra Bullock sells more tickets them Angela Bassett then she will get more roles. Simple as that. But when a Facebook friend posted a picture of the cast of the new Jem & the Holograms movie I was done!

First, let me give my politically correct statement. It is nice that these young ladies are working actresses and I'm not saying that they don't deserve the roles but I do fault the casting directors for their poor casting choices. They obviously were not trying to be true to the cartoon because they couldn't have made the cast any more racially ambiguous. I assume they confused their casting of Jem and the Holograms with casting for a Disney movie.

Tasha B of I Rock My Natural

How long have you been natural? 

I have been totally and completely natural for 2 years.

What made you decide to go natural?

I hadn't used the creamy crack 10 years prior to me going totally natural but I had destroyed my curl pattern by constantly dying and flat ironing my hair. I missed my curls and was tired of doing so much to make my hair straight only for it to look limp and lifeless so that was it, I went natural and I stopped using dyes and heat.

I am so happy I found a great community of bloggers in the Los Angeles area to network with because at times it feels like all the cool events happen in either the South or on the East Coast. Networking with your peers is a great way to keep motivated, exchange ideas, and to get tips on how to improve your blogging life. 

One thing I did not realize about LA bloggers is how much they like to brunch! I spent Saturday brunching with the beautiful ladies of Bloggers Like Me and Sunday with the diversified women of the SoCal Bloggers Society.

Angela and her beautiful curls

I had the pleasure of meeting Angela aka Ms. Beautiful Curls at an Eclark meetup. We were both lost and connected over curly hair. She has absolutely gorgeous hair so I knew I had to interview her about her natural hair journey.

How long have you been natural?

I've been natural my entire life but I didn't take great care of my hair until approximately April of 2011. I had three perms during my childhood and straightened my hair many times throughout high school and undergrad years. Although I stopped straightening my hair in 2006, I dyed my hair like crazy until April 2011

What made you decide to go natural?

My hair was so damaged from the multiple hair dyes and it broke off like crazy, and just never grew. My hair was very dull and flat; it lacked personality and I was starting to hate it!

It seems that once I hit 30 every man wanted to "yes, ma'am" me and I hate it! I could be going about my day feeling good and then some young store clerk utters the words "thank you, ma'am." I'm like what's the deal?! Am I officially over the hill.

Ma'am originated in the 1600s as a shortened version of madame which was used to address the queen or a royal princess as a title of respect. Now fast forward to 2014 and I'm a blogger, not royalty so there is no need to address me as such.

Google let me know that I'm not alone in hating being addressed as ma'am. According to a post on Yahoo Voices 85% of the women the writer surveyed prefered to be called miss as opposed to ma'am. From ages 19 to 81 the majority shared in the disdain for being called ma'am. They felt the term implies that a woman is old, no longer desirable. As blogger Kristin Brakeman wrote it feels like one day you're young and turning heads and then suddenly you're an old lady.

February Ipsy Glam Bag

I hate to call people out but sometimes they persuade you to do things you wouldn't have done without their influence. So yes, I was lured into signing up for the Ipsy Glam Bag by my curlfriend NaturallyCurlyQ. In person and in her videos she kept raving about how much she loved her monthly Ipsy subscription so I had no choice but to sign up!

The Ipsy Glam Bag is the creation of YouTube mega video creator Michelle Phan. For just $10 a month (which includes shipping) you receive 4 - 5 deluxe sample beauty products in a collectible bag mailed to you. If after trying the products you want to order full size products discount codes are provided. With that said this is the first month I have received a bag and here's my February Ipsy Glam Bag reveal...


Charmaine Daudu known to her fans as Charmsie is another natural hair cutie I found on Instagram. Her natural hair journey is unique because she has been natural all her life but has just started appreciating her lovely curls in the last couple of years. Enjoy her natural hair journey below!

How long have you been natural? 

I have been natural all of my life, however, I didn't always know my true texture because I used the wrong products for my hair and I tied my hair back or over processed it with hair dye and straightening for many years. I would say the last 2 years have been a transition to knowing my true texture and how to really rock and appreciate my curls.

Did you big chop or transition? 

I cut most of my hair off about a year and a half ago. I picked up some scissors one night and cut off a lot of my bleached blonde hair and started re-growing healthier hair.

What are your hair goals for the next 6 months to year? 

I have decided to grow my hair out. I always tend to keep my hair slightly shorter than my shoulders so I want to actually grow it out to see if I like it long. I told myself if I grow it out and decide it's not for me, I will probably keep it shoulder length or shorter for good!

What kind of videos can we expect to find on your YouTube channel? 

I have a variety of videos from hair care to fashion and beauty and a bit of life advice in between!

This week's interviewee LaToya Codner is affectionately known to her YouTube fans as Toyaboo. I've been a subscriber to her channel for a few years and I had the pleasure of meeting her at her recent LA meetup when she moved to California. I hope you enjoy her natural hair journey as much as I did!

How long have you been natural? 

I’ve been natural for a little over 3 years.

What made you decide to go natural?

It bothered me that myself and so many others around me had so much shame about our hair texture.  When I was in high school I wore hazel contacts and told everyone that it was my real eye color.  After a while I realized I was beginning to think I was only attractive with them on. That was the day I took them out and showed the whole school my real eye color. Brown. I made a promise to myself that I would never do that again.  Once I realized I was doing the same thing with my hair, the relaxer had to go.

How long did you transition or big chop?

I transitioned for 8 months and then big chopped.  The big chop was my favorite part of my journey so far.

Relaxed and Big Chop

What was your families’ / friend’s reaction to you going natural?

Oh my goodness. My mother was worried about my career and my ex boyfriend was worried about my attractiveness, but my friends were encouraging.  They could care less if I had straight hair or not. 

What have you discovered about yourself and your hair since you’ve gone natural? Anything surprise you?

Going natural has helped me pin point my strength.  I’ve had a lot of success and blessings in my adult life, but most of those successes came only after someone ELSE believed in me. Someone else told me to do something or try something “out of the box.” Going natural was my own decision. It was one of the first things I ever did without getting approval from someone else.  I swear, after I chopped off my relaxer, I thought, “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Okay, what’s next?” It was almost as if going natural was an initiation into real womanhood for me.  Since then, I’ve only gotten better at making decisions for myself and following my gut. In this sense, it has actually brought me closer to God.  That was a surprise. It made me aware that if I keep my faith, I can achieve anything.  Even if it all started with my hair.

What would you say to someone that is considering going natural?

Go for it. Relaxers and flat irons will always be there should you want to return.  My guess is if you give being natural a true shot, you’ll fall in love.  I’ve found a whole new appreciation for my hair and face. Yes, my FACE! If you end up in the type 4 hair category like me, there will be no hair hanging in your face to hide under. It shrinks and grows toward the sky! My hair has built my confidence and has helped me figure out what truly matters to me.  It has changed my perception of beauty as well as others. Now THAT’S power. It’s okay to be afraid, I was. But fear is just a bunch of “what ifs”. So, just do it already!

You recently moved to California. What prompted the move? How’s LA treating you?

Yes, I just moved from Chicago! I came here to continue pursuing acting. Most of my work has been on stage and I want to break into film acting. What better place than Los Angeles, right?! So far LA has been very good to me. I’ve gotten a chance to meet some really good people out here so far. I know LA has a bad reputation for “fake people”, but you can find that anywhere. I choose to stay positive and surround myself with people whom I click with.  I’m loving it so far.

How did you get started making YouTube videos?

Up until 2009 I simply used Youtube to watch music videos. One day I was searching for a Rihanna video and a makeup tutorial by Kandee Johnson popped up. I was hooked!  At the time I was in Graduate school in South Carolina, so the internet was my escape from work. One day, I decided to flick on my webcam and…here we are today.

What kind of videos can we expect to find on your channel?

On ToyabooTresses I do a lot of natural hair tutorials with sprinkles of makeup and fashion. On ToyabooView I focus on vlogging my adventures as an actress and fitness.

What are your current goals for your channel / blog? 

This is easy. My goal for my channel hasn’t ever changed. I hope to continue to inspired other women and men let go of negative inhibitions that tell us that we aren’t enough. Inhibitions that stop us from striving for the greatness that lies inside of us. We are a phenomenal race that can do just about anything our hearts desire.  A person’s purpose is not a secret, we were all born with deep rooted desires—going after them is part of your purpose! Whether through hair, makeup, or sharing my life, I hope that that message is clear. I do what I do with joy because I believe I’m living in my purpose. My goal is to continue to grow my channel and spread my message.

When you’re not making YouTube videos what can we find you doing?

Acting! Working on monologues, auditions, or in a class.  If I’m not working on my craft directly, you can find me learning from other actors on stage, online, or in the movie theater.  Then there’s eating. I love to eat!

Where can we connect with you online?

You can find me on either one of my Youtube channels. “ToyabooTresses” is where I talk about hair, makeup, and fashion and “ToyabooView” takes you on a more intimate journey of my life. I also keep everyone posted on Instagram: @MsToyaboo and

Feel free to leave any questions or comments for LaToya below.

Kelsey Janae, Lifewithcoco2

This week we welcome Kelsey Janae also known as Lifewithcoco2 to our interview couch. I came across Kelsey and her beautiful curls on Instagram and I knew I had to ask her to share her natural hair journey.

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for 3.5 years, since February 2010.

What made you decide to go natural?

I decided to go natural because I was inspired by two gorgeous natural ladies, Bre Scullark from ANTM and actress/singer Teyana Taylor. I wanted to have huge hair just like them because I just though it was just so gorgeous!

How long did you transition or big chop?

I transitioned for four months and then big chopped. 

What was your families’ / friend’s reaction to you going natural?

My mom hated my short hair. She couldn't understand why in the world I would cut off all my hair. My dad seemed supportive but I later found out that he thought I had lost my mind and was going through something lol. All of my friends loved it and thought I was so bold for doing it and a lot of them say that I inspired them to go natural!

What have you discovered about yourself and your hair since you've gone natural? Anything surprise you?

I haven't really discovered anything special since going natural I just finally feel like me! 

What are your hair goals for the next 6 months to a year?

My goals for my hair are to keep it healthy and to grow it at least 6 more inches. 

What are your best tips for a new natural?

My best tips for a new natural is to love your hair and not get caught up in someone else's hair. Its great to admire and be inspired but make sure that it doesn't alter how you feel about yourself.

How did you get started making YouTube videos?

I just decided to start because I was starting to get asked a lot of questions about my hair and wanted to have videos for people to watch to answer all their questions when I'm not able to. 

Your YT and IG accounts are LifewithCoco2. Is Coco your alter ego? Lol

LOL no Coco isn't my alter ego. Coco is just a nickname that I've had since high school.

What kind of videos can we expect to find on your channel?

I have so much planned this year for my channel. I will definitely be doing more hair and beauty videos but I'm also thinking about doing though provoking videos. I want to have a variety of content on my channel.

What are your current goals for your channel?

I want my channel to just be able to help as many people as possible whether its hair and beauty tips or inspiration.

When you’re not making YouTube videos or sharing pics on Instagram what can we find you doing?

I am in my last year of college, I write for a natural hair magazine called Txture that will be launching in fall 2014, I work for a Media and Entertainment company called Dynst as their Director of Beauty and Wellness. I'm in the process of writing a book and I'm also pursuing modeling and acting, so I have a lot on my plate.

Where can we connect with you online?

You can find me :

IG -
YT - 
Twitter -
Blog -

On a whim last week I decided to finger coil my hair. I had never successfully done it myself and my last attempt was almost two years ago. Even with my limited success I still decided to give it another try especially after being influenced by the beautiful results of Mahogany Curls

The results of my efforts are above. It took a little over two hours as my hair is high porosity so it tends to dry very quickly and for some reason my hair likes to unravel in the middle of the coil so I had to redo a few coils. I used Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream, Wrap and Roll Mousse and Nourish and Shine Shea Butter to mix achieve this look.

Even though my hair looked nothing like Mahogany Curls I was happy with the results. The coils lasted four days. Before trying them again though I will try finding someone on YouTube with my texture to see how they do their finger coils.

Have you had a successful finger coil?

Kyma, OneUniqueTrueLady
This week my curlfriend Kyma Monai, also know as OneUniqueTrueLady, stopped by to chat about her natural hair journey. She is a YouTube content creator and a Memphis, TN to California transplant who is enjoying life in the sunshine state.

How long have you been natural?

It will be 4 years on February 17th.

What made you decide to go natural?

I decided to go natural because my hair was badly damaged from experimenting with color. This is also around the time that I got inspired by other YouTubers who were making educational videos about natural hair and healthy hair care.

Did you transition or big chop?

I did the big chop, twice. The first time that I went natural was July 2009, which only lasted about 3 months because I decided to experiment with texturizers.

What was your families’ / friend’s reaction to you going natural?

My parents could not understand why I cut all of my hair off. They were always use to me having long hair, so it was a bit of a shock to them. Some of my friends liked it and some of them questioned why would I decide to go natural (mainly my guy friends).

What have you discovered about yourself and your hair since you’ve gone natural? Anything surprise you?

I have discovered that I am getting more into jewelry statement pieces. When I wear my hair out, I like to play around with hair accessories and jewelry. I also discovered that my hair loves water and oils. 

What would you say to someone that is considering going natural?

Go for it! You will thank yourself later! There is so much versatility with natural hair! ;-)

What are your hair goals for the next 6 months to year?

My hair goals for the next 6 months are to combat my breakage. I’ve noticed some breakage in the front and back of my head that I would like to get under control. I’m also working on retaining length by practicing a strict hair regimen.

How did you get started making YouTube videos?

I got inspired by other YouTubers on their natural hair journey and I wanted to document my journey to share with the world. My first video was about me preparing to do my 2nd big chop on camera.

What kind of videos can we expect to find on your channel?

You will mostly find videos dealing with hair care and hairstyle tutorials for natural hair. You will also find fashion, beauty and health videos.

What are your current goals for your channel?

My current goals for my channel are to grow my channel to its full potential. There will be something for everyone on my channel. I want to be able to help others as much as I can by sharing knowledge, creating tutorials, and inspiring others on their journey.

When you are not making videos what can we find you doing?

I’m still exploring Los Angeles after living here for over 3 years. I told myself that I will do more fun things and really enjoy the city this year. I’m also working on jewelry pieces for my jewelry line that will debut this year, so stay tuned! 

Where are you originally from and how are you enjoying CA?

I’m originally from Memphis, TN. Moving to California was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. This is the land of opportunity, for sure! I love it here!

Where can we connect with you online?

You can connect with me anytime through these social media sites:





If you have any questions or comments for Kyma please leave them in the comment box below.

The Twist Whip Butter by Obia Natural Haircare is a great product I had the pleasure of trying when the company had 50% off sale. I picked up a few of her products but my favorite by far is the Twist Whip Butter. 

First of all, I love of the smell. I am a big fan of lavender and lemongrass and this product happens to have them both. Second, I was left with moisture for days. My hair is high porosity so moisture is a fleeting memory by day two or three but not with this product. I was left with soft, touchable and moisturized hair. Third, the ingredient Shea butter. Shea and I became fast friends about a year ago and we have never parted ways since so the fact that this product has Shea butter is fabulous.

I would definitely recommend the Obia Twist Whip Butter and it will be added to my HG list.

Obia Natural Haircare can be purchased here.


Aqueous (Purified Water) Extracts: Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Oil and Lavandula officinalis (Lavender) Oil and Cymbopogon flexuous (Lemongrass) Oil, Unrefined Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Palm Oil (Elaeis Guineensis), Vegetable Glycerin, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Behentrimonium Methosulfate and Cetearyl Alcohol, Magifera Indica Seed Butter (Mango Butter), Cetyl Alcohol, Behenyl Alcohol, Astrocaryum (Tucuma) Seed Butter, Glycine soya (Soybean) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance (Parfum). 

4 oz. - $10
8 oz. - $18

Have you tried the Twist Whip Butter? What are your thoughts?

This week's Interview with a Curly features my curlfriend Melissa aka NaturallyCurlyQ. Melissa is a makeup artist and a YouTube natural hair and all things beauty vlogger.

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural all my life aside from 2006 when I wanted a pixie cut and loved it for about 2 seconds because the relaxer was not for me. It really changed the texture of my hair and I didn't like the feel so I never touched the creamy crack again.

What made you decide to go natural?

In 2010 I had our son and after 6 months my hair started shedding like nothing I've ever seen. When I wore it flat ironed it really showed the spares areas. I decided to wear my hair curly to hide it since my hair was thicker curly. It grew back with no heat and I have been curly ever since. 

Did you transition or big chop?

I transitioned. It's funny how I chopped off all my hair in 2006 and couldn't do a big chop when going full curls! #smh

What was your families’ / friend’s reaction to you going natural?

My family was fine with it. With 5 daughters my mom allowed relaxers to be our decision. I'm so glad that she didn't put a relaxer for what some may say to make doing our hair easier.

What have you discovered about yourself and your hair since you've gone natural? Anything surprise you?

Shrinkage is for real! It seems that the confidence that I didn't' have before is there because of the different things I can do with my hair. I love options so pressing my hair straight seemed be blah blah boring. I still like to do it but now I have more options! And what girl doesn't like that?!

 Yes! I was surprised how a few techniques would allow me to get big hair! I love my hair big but thought I could never get it because of my fine, thin hair.

What would you say to someone that is considering going natural?

Be patient with your ability to master a regimen and techniques. Don't take your journey at warp speed because of what you see someone else do. Take your time and do one thing at a time. It is very easy to get frustrated and quit because you went into overwhelm. If you are great at having a slammin wash 'n go then rock it until your twist out is what you desire it to be. If you don't like it and get frustrated, go back to the wash 'n go until you're at ease and want to give it a try.

What are your hair goals for the next 6 months to year?

My hair at one time was waist length. I'm not there yet but I would love to see some healthy length. It's about APL (armpit length) so I would say the next stop is BSL. (bra strap length)  :)

How did you get started making YouTube videos?

I wanted a diary of what I liked and didn't like while I tried different things. YouTube is a way to replay those things all over again. I wanted to be able to go back and revisit some things while helping moms who lost their hair and want to grow it back, people who want makeup tips, women with hair textures and shrinkage like me and are frustrated but need some encouragement.

What kind of videos can we expect to find on your channel?

Hair and beauty reviews, tutorials, and hauls. How To vids (i.e. Beauty on A Budget); Tags and of course giveaways. I like to be creative with my videos so I love to do a spin on ideas.  Anything that I love and am excited about I want to share with the viewers and vids on unasked questions.

What are your current goals for your channel / blog?

I really want to do more beauty and hair style videos in series of beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Some people want to glam it out but others just want an everyday style and I want to cover all of that :) Also would love to cover more self esteem and positive affirmation talks and issues that young girls face. Remembering how it was when I was young, we should share more things that would be advantageous to the teens today.

Where can we connect with you online?

Beauty and Makeup Holy Grails:

I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did. Thank you for stopping by. Please leave any comments or questions for Melissa below.

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