When it comes to hair goals my first goal is to have healthy hair, and then length. Because I have always had what people considered long hair, I never thought of reaching beyond bra strap length. But thanks to YouTube I now know that Black women, with a little extra TLC, can grow LONG hair, way beyond bra strap length. 

Thankfully my healthy hair practices are paying off and I have reached my first hair goal - bra strap length. My hair has not been this length in over 10 years because I knew nothing about having a hair care regime so over the years I my paid the price.

I look forward to continuing my healthy hair practices and to reaching my next length goal. It's only February so I have 10 months to gain at least another 4 - 5 inches of length.

Do you have length goals? Have you reached them?

Sedu flat iron, flat iron comb and heat protectant

This is my first time straightening my hair since I've been natural, actually ever, that I've been able to get decent results. And by decent, I mean results good enough to walk out of the house without feeling self-conscious. 

I would like to say that I had thoroughly prepared to straighten my hair by deep conditioning and doing a protein treatment prior to busting out the flat iron but the urge hit me at the last minute so I just went for it. My hair was recently washed, clarified and moisturized so I did not start off all bad and I made sure to spray each section with Tresemme Thermal Creations heat protectant prior to flat ironing.

My hair was already stretched so there was no need to blow dry. After I detangled each section I used my Croc Iron Comb to chase the flat iron to ensure the sections were as straight as possible. I only wanted to pass the flat iron once so I set the temperature on the iron to 400 degrees.

Here's the finished look! The first picture of my hair straight is after I had gone outside so it did get a little poofy. After the poof I decided to try my Caruso Steam Rollers for the first time to give my hair a little for life. I'm happy with the results and I look forward to surprising my friends who have not seen me with straight hair in over a year.

Have you straightened your hair lately? Were you happy with the results?

I purchased the Terressentials Mud Wash last year after Naptural85 made it a YouTube sensation. I soon became a product junkie so I never got around to trying it but my hair over the last few weeks just wasn't acting right. It was frizzy and my curls weren't clumping together so I couldn't get a decent wash n' go. I thought that maybe I needed my cut reshaped but I soon came to realize that my hair was suffering from product overload. I hadn't done a clarifying wash in months so I decided to try the Terressentials Mud Wash.

I purchased the fragrance-free mud wash but they recommend Left Coast Lemon, Lavender Garden, Sultry Spice or Cool Mint for kinky, curly hair so I just added some of my own essential oils. I washed my hair three times as they recommend as a part of their detox protocol and my hair is happier for it. Almost immediately my curls started clumping together and today my curls are shiny and popping all over the place. :) I look forward to finishing the detox protocol over the next 5 - 7 days.

Have you tried the Terressentials Mud Wash? Did it work for you?

Price - $10.75 online
Scents - Left Coast Lemon, Lavender Garden, Sultry Spice or Cool Mint for kinky, curly hair
Where to purchase - online or at Shades of Afrika on the ground in Long Beach or Corona

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