My job in real life is a traveling notary and sometimes I meet clients at local Starbucks. After I finished a notarization on Sunday I purchased an item and the cashier said he liked my hair! This came as a total surprise as I wasn't feeling anything special about how I styled my hair that day. I just took out my braids from the night before and used my trusty Goody hair band to put it in a front puff. It's funny how on the days you feel like you really didn't do anything to your hair you get the most complements. Lol

I told my husband that big hair is making a come back. The 80s were all about big hair and curls, then came the 90s which brought us the flat iron and perm and now we're in 2013 and it's the return of the curls! It's no longer all about straight hair.

Who has complimented your big hair lately?

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