Miss Dunnie O. & Ms. J Gray hosted The #CurlyCartel Natural Beauty Experience- 21+ Pink Carpet Event on Friday, May 3rd at the Confidential Lounge in Beverly Hills. There were swag bags, tasty appetizers, delicious sweets, vendors, music and a knowledgeable panel of speakers from a variety of backgrounds. And a natural hair event would not be complete without everyone rocking their natural hair! Pictures from the event are below.

I had the pleasure of meeting Shannel Morrison at a natural hair meetup in 2012 and I knew right away she was such cool people that I'd have to interview her for my blog so here she is! Shannel is a wife, mother and the creator of the She's Curly blog and Youtube channel. Enjoy her natural hair story below.

How long have you been natural and what made you decide to go natural?

I have been natural since early 2009. When I went natural, It was not willingly. I simply couldn't afford to go to the salon to get my hair pressed and flat ironed any more.

What have you discovered about yourself and / or your hair since you’ve gone natural? Anything surprise you?

I've discovered so many things about myself and about the way I feel about how others feel about me. I felt that my natural texture was not pretty, too much to handle and different in a bad way. But now I know that although I am not my hair, as India Arie would say (lol), but I AM my hair in the fact that I am honest, I am natural, I am free, I am wonderful, I am unique and I am beautiful no matter how others feel about my appearance. And that in itself was surprising to a girl who grew up feeling completely at fault for being "different".

You recently did a big chop after your hair reached waist length what made you do this? What was your family / friend's reaction?

My hair was healthy and I decided to donate it. I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could really do it. I needed a change. There's so many reasons! And truthfully, it was one of the best decisions I have made. It was liberating, it made me feel powerful and strong and most of all it has helped me understand even better the follows I have who have shorter hair. It has well rounded how I advise people with short hair and TWA's VS long hair. Because there IS a difference!

What made you decide to blog and vlog about natural hair?

I finally found something I was truly interested in, something I was knowledgeable and passionate about and somewhere that "different" was okay. Although we are natural girls, all of our curls are different. The hair, texture, color, length, density, etc. all differ. And I love that. 

Since you have a daughter do you think it’s important that be natural?

I think it is so important for her to love herself, including her hair. Most times, It starts with the parents. My daughter sees my hair curly and she loves it. Not once, at least not yet, has she mentioned to me about straight hair or wanting her hair to be different than it is. I tell her everyday how amazing she is, how smart she is, how she can do anything, how beautiful she is and how lovely her hair is. In return, she tells me, "I love Mommy's hair too." :)

What would you say to someone that is considering going natural?

I always tell them, "Do it!" So many people always tell me, "Well, my texture is kinkier than yours" or "You have "good hair."" I hate when people tell me that. We were given this hair texture and yes, I know we have other means to have this hair or that hair, this length or that color but if you don't at least try it and actually go through with it, how do you know if you don't truly like it? Play with products and hair styles. I'm sure there's something that you would just love!

What are your hair goals for the next 6 months to year? 

Honestly, there's no telling! I planned to grow it back out however I have recently cut it in a mohawk style and I'm truly enjoying it short. I'm sure my followers will see whatever it is that I choose to do with these curls in due time.

What are your current goals for your channel / blog?

My goals for my channel are to start filming again. I have gotten so many messages and e-mails from my fans and followers asking me to film videos on my new routine, my big chop and even my work out regimen. As for my blog, I will just continue to give all the knowledge I know about natural hair and life to keep my readers entertained and informed.

Where can we connect with you online?

Follow me on Instagram: @shescurlyy
"Like" my Facebook fan page:  www.facebook.com/shescurlyonline
Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/user/ShesCurly
Follow my Blog: www.ShesCurly.com

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