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Natural hair has become synonymous with the condition known as Product Junkieism. The  condition causes the afflicted to shop and shop until they find the perfect natural hair product for their curls and kinks. 

You will see these individuals perusing the beauty isles of their local Sally's, beauty supply or drug store looking for a new product to try. They may even be satisfied with the products they have but feel it never hurts to try something new. They also can't wait until Curlmart has their next sale or they may already have their Black Friday beauty list written up.

I must admit that since going natural I too have become a Product Junky. Never before have I been so tempted to buy shampoo, conditioner, curl cream, deep conditioner or any other product that promises to do wonders for my hair. Thankfully, this is a preventable condition and Essence has assisted us with 12 useful tips to help us go natural without going broke:

  1. Avoid becoming a product junkie 
  2. Attend natural hair meetups 
  3. Watch YouTube tutorials
  4. Ask hair for free samples
  5. Join a natural hair forum
  6. Know your hair
  7. Read the ingredients
  8. Use only what you need
  9. Be mindful of return policies
  10. Read the manufacturer's guarantee
  11. Make your own products
  12. Embrace your own natural hair journey

Hopefully these tips will help you avoid going broke. I'm not sure if there is any hope for me as the only thing stopping me now is the fact that I have braids. :)

Are you saving or spending more money since going natural? Will these tips help you?

So my hair products no-buy has not been going all that great. It seems every two seconds there is a new product on the market and not to mention the ones that are already on my natural hair product wishlist. It didn't help that I "stumbled" upon a few sales that I couldn't pass up.

Curlmart offered me 25% off their whole website, Folica offered me 50% off Sedu flatirons and Miss Jessie's gave me two free samples so it would have been rude to ignore these wonderful offers. Lol

Below are pics of my latest beauty haul. So far I have tried the Hair Therapy Wrap and the Camille Rose Moisture Milk (review later). My hair is currently in braids so I have not had a chance to try the other items.

Order your two free Miss Jessie's samples here before they are gone!

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